Hollywood Arson Project

Hollywood Arson Project is formed in 2012 by drummer Troy Zeigler, bassist Mario Pagliarulo and guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mallow. The band was born of their work together in The Flying Cunts of Chaos, a.k.a. the F.C.C., (backing band for singer Serj Tankian). Their collaboration brought a 2012 European tour and the release of their self-titled EP early in 2013.

Their paths ultimately diverged but Mallow carries the torch forward with the help of drummer David Nieto and bassist Paco Nieto. In late 2017 the trio began writing new material together and in 2018 they recorded Madness Guiding The Masses, which is to be released on February 26, 2019.

Madness Guiding The Masses Cover Art

Watch the video for Everyone Is Hitler, an advance of our upcoming release Madness Guiding The Masses

Hollywood Arson Project are:

Jeff Mallow - Guitar & Vocals

David Nieto - Drums

Paco Nieto - Bass

Past Members:

Mario Pagliarulo - Bass

Troy Zeigler - Drums