Picking Scabs

We scratched the surface

We scratched the itch down to the bone

Now nerves are showing

“Why heed the warning

For consequences overblown?”

Are these seeds we're sewing?

Gave voice to those

Who should be silenced

Obfuscate veracity

Like picking scabs

Impulsive autopilot

New reality

But I can't resist the urge, no


Riding the wave toward demise

The blood is flowing

It's self deception

Stand on the upside looking down

Becoming what you've hated

We shit where we eat

Complain for the stink

As we bite the hand that feeds

Ignore the past repeating

Life depleting

If it bleeds it leads

But I can't resist the urge, no

Madness Guiding The Masses Cover Art

Madness Guiding The Masses

Madness Guiding The Masses is the latest album from Hollywood Arson Project.

Released in February 2019, the record consists of 14 no nonsense, hard-hitting rock and metal tracks. No auto tune, nothing quantized, no bullshit.

From the platform selection page you can choose a digital platform like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play to listen to the album, or you can just search it on your favorite digital store.

You can also check out the lyrics to the songs, should you so desire.