Get Yours

Purchase some pride

Don't resist

Always makes you feel better

Just one more

Makes you happy

That's all it takes...that's all it takes, yeah

A hole deep inside

Way down

Fill it up emptiness

A temporary high

No difference

You’re addicted just the same

Slip further

Drop down

I need it!

Never second guess

Just let go

‘cause less is more or less



One purchase at a time

Slip further

Drop down

I need it!

You're living a lie, you're living a lie, you're living a lie!

Buy, buy, buy

Gets you higher

Buy, buy, buy

Madness Guiding The Masses Cover Art

Madness Guiding The Masses

Madness Guiding The Masses is the latest album from Hollywood Arson Project.

Released in February 2019, the record consists of 14 no nonsense, hard-hitting rock and metal tracks. No auto tune, nothing quantized, no bullshit.

From the platform selection page you can choose a digital platform like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play to listen to the album, or you can just search it on your favorite digital store.

You can also check out the lyrics to the songs, should you so desire.